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Bruschetta experiments

September 2, 2015
Variety of bruschetta

I was always thinking that “antipasti” means food that does not contain pasta. But in reality it is an appetizer served before the main meal. Since in Italian a meal is called pasto, antipasto literally means “before pasto”. So easy! There are plenty of types of antipasti, some became more international and adopted to other cultures, others are more traditional and are served only in Italy. Usually antipasti should correspond to the main course – if the main meal is fish, antipasti should contain fish and if it is meat – then antipasti should be prepared from ham, salami ect.
One of the most famous antipasti is bruschetta. However there are also two other similar things – crostini and panini. Once I was puzzled about the difference between all of them. In Ukraine we only have sandwiches, does not matter how they look like. In Italy they prefer to be more specific about food. After a short research things became clearer.
Panini – is a sandwich with two layers of bread – from the top and from the bottom. Bruschetta – is a large grilled slice of bread drizzled with olive oil and topped with tomato, ham or cheese. Crostini – is a small grilled toast that can be served with any topping.
This evening we focused on bruschetta. After buying a bunch of products that we thought could be used for bruschetta, we started to experiment and created 9 different pieces. In fact it is very easy, you just combine what you like and what you think will taste good together. The results are below:
1. Caper Pate and pepper – very simple bruschetta for those who likes capers with the fresh taste of peppers.

Bruschetta with capres, pepper fruit and basil

Bruschetta with capers, pepper fruit and basil

2. Green pesto and basil – real Italian bruschetta. The best is to use a home-made pesto.

Bruschetta with pesto and basil

Bruschetta with pesto and basil

3. Fresh cheese and mushrooms. The base is cheese Philadelphia. Mushrooms are fried on the pan in olive oil and milk. Basil leaf brings up the colour.


Bruschetta with fresh cheese, fried mushrooms and basil

4. Fresh cheese and salmon. The base is cheese Philadelphia. Smoked salmon is on the top of the cheese. And herbs of your taste – could be oregano, basil or some other mix.


Bruschetta with fresh cheese, smoked salmon and herbs

5. Avocado, tomatoes and shrimps. This is Mexican oriented bruschetta that has something similar to guacamole on the top. Smashed avocado with salt and pepper and pieces of tomato and shrimps.

Bruschetta with avocado, tomatoes and shrimps

Bruschetta with avocado, tomatoes and shrimps

6. Chorizo – Spanish oriented bruschetta. Basically it could be any other sausage or salami – we used one of our favourites – chorizo.

Bruschetta with chorizo

Bruschetta with chorizo

7. Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. This is a classic Italian bruschetta. Do not forget to drizzle it with olive oil.


Bruschetta with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

8. Mixed olives. Simple and tasty – choose the olives of your choice and enjoy. Drizzle it with olive oil!


Bruschetta with mixed olives

9. Goat cheese and aubergine. Aubergine and goat cheese go good together, especially with the addition of olive oil.


Bruschetta with goat cheese and aubergine

It was fun to experiment! Honestly 9 bruschettas are too many for two people for one evening. It is also important to mention that they should be eaten the same day – the day after the taste is not the same.

Try! Enjoy! And share your ideas :)

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