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Torvehallerne på Nørrebro – eat like a Dane

April 29, 2015
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I lived in Denmark for 4 years, 2 of which I spent in Copenhagen. Regardless the weather and weird people, I really like this country. Copenhagen is the biggest city is Scandinavia and as every capital it has interesting sightseeing spots. However, when it comes to history it does not have much to offer. Denmark is a small country, where nothing fascinating has happened for centuries. Probably, the most famous Dane is H.C.Andersen and his “Little mermaid”. Therefore, in my opinion, if you are in Denmark, don’t waste your time in the museums, but enjoy the city and the interesting modern places that it offers (if you are lucky with the weather).

Among many highlights of the city, that I may describe in the other posts, I would feature Torvehallerne. This is an amazing place for food lovers. You can find everything from meat to candies – both locally produced and imported.

Just to give you an idea about Danish food culture, I will describe several facts here. In general old Scandinavian cuisine was very bad. That is why they decided to develop a new Scandinavian cuisine. The concept of the new Scandinavian food is to borrow experience from the other countries cooking traditions, mix them up with Nordic flavours (liquorice, sweet herring, remoulade) and present in a very artistic way. They like to experiment with molecular cuisine and combine incompatible. So far, the concept is very successful, and for example, a Copenhagen restaurant Noma was recognized as the World’s best restaurant for 2 years in a row.

Hereby Danish food culture has improved significantly during the last decade or two. As a result of this, places like Torvehallerne started to appear. Actually Torvehallerne has it roots back in XIX century, when local farmers were bringing their goods to Copenhagen and selling to people and small businesses. Unfortunately it was creating a logistics problem in the city centre and the market had to move to the outskirts. There were many projects to renovate the market in the city centre, but some of them were declined and only in the beginning of the XXI century the plan was approved and the market opened again in 2011.

Nowadays you can find there everything you can imagine. If you want to have a snack, there are mini-bars with salads, sushi, tapas, freshly-quizzed juices, coffee and many others. At the same time you can buy good quality products (meat, fish, cheese, vegetables) and pumper yourself with the fancy meal at home. There are around 60 shops working in Torvehallerne now. And I swear once you are there you want to try all of them. There is also a rumour that the best pizza in Copenhagen is made in Torvehallerne.

Here are some teasers that will make you want to visit the place.

Grab some food and drinks and get a spot just outside of the market. It’s a great way to feel the vibe of the place, listen to a funny Danish language and admire the people. Some say that Scandinavians are the most beautiful people in the world. Of course it is all subjective, but I tend to agree.


In one of this lovely days, enjoy Danish sun that is never too hot

You will find Smørrebrød everywhere in Copenhagen, but if you want to have a choice go to Torvehallerne.


The most traditional Danish food – Smørrebrød (Butterbread). On the top of the buttered bread you can put everything you wish.

And here is what Smørrebrød is actually made of – Rugbrød. It is an opposite of baguette – it’s dark, heavy and with various seeds inside. Possibly a healthier option.


Famous Danish Rugbrød

Meat takes a very important place in Danish food ration. They are especially proud of the pork that is in the centre of many Christmas and Easter traditional meals. That is why another important speciality is red sausage (rød pølse). Small hot-dog places are on every corner. Definitely worth to try.


World of meat

Fruit and vegetables are also here. And in the kiosk just next to this one, you can get a freshly squeezed juice. Don’t forget to ask for a shot of ginger in it.


All sorts of fruit and vegetables

Danish people are coffee lovers. In fact Nordics is the most caffeine addicted region in the world. They consume from 6 to 10 cups of coffee per day per capita. Normally it’s not an espresso, but something with milk, like cappuccino or coffee-late. But still impressive! The most reasonable explanation is the weather the amount of sun light. With very short winter days and huge amount of precipitation, these poor people have to find a way to keep awake.


Get a cup of your favourite coffee

And get one of these healthy snacks with your coffee. Wrap is made of omelet with the fill of your choice.


Amazing omelette

Torvehallerne is a good place to be and definitely worth the time and the money. When I lived in Copenhagen it was one of my favourite places to get inspiration for cooking or simply treat myself with something delicious.

I like Copenhagen. This city opens a lot of opportunities and gives perspectives. And even I decided to move from there, it will always have a special place in my heart. Besides everything else, I met my little monster over there :)