Crete getaway

When you are working and working and working, especially in a country like Germany, at some point you feel that you need to get away, take a break in a completely different environment. This summer we decided to explore Greece, namely Crete. Crete is the biggest island of Greece, which carries very long and rich history. Already around 2500 BC thousand years ago Crete was inhabited by Minoan civilization. Minoans are known for their ancient scripts (writings), art of pottery and monumental buildings like Knossos Palace. This is the most famous palace and the one that remained in the bes condition in comparison to the others. To be honest, there is not much of it left, but according to the archives and archaeologists’ suggestions it was an outstanding building much ahead of it's time. The myth tells about the Minotavr – a creature with the body of a man and a head of a bull. He used to leave in the labyrinths of Knossos and kill people that were trapped in these there. But a brave and savvy Theseus managed to trick Minotavr and kill him, hereby was released from the labyrinth. During this era Crete was conquered by Romans, then […]

Torvehallerne på Nørrebro - eat like a Dane

I lived in Denmark for 4 years, 2 of which I spent in Copenhagen. Regardless the weather and weird people, I really like this country. Copenhagen is the biggest city is Scandinavia and as every capital it has interesting sightseeing spots. However, when it comes to history it does not have much to offer. Denmark is a small country, where nothing fascinating has happened for centuries. Probably, the most famous Dane is H.C.Andersen and his “Little mermaid”. Therefore, in my opinion, if you are in Denmark, don’t waste your time in the museums, but enjoy the city and the interesting modern places that it offers (if you are lucky with the weather). Among many highlights of the city, that I may describe in the other posts, I would feature Torvehallerne. This is an amazing place for food lovers. You can find everything from meat to candies – both locally produced and imported. Just to give you an idea about Danish food culture, I will describe several facts here. In general old Scandinavian cuisine was very bad. That is why they decided to develop a new Scandinavian cuisine. The concept of the new Scandinavian food is to borrow experience from the […]

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